Interactive Fish Pond Table Team Project. Video Filmed and Produced by Meng T. in 2016
A render with the camera in a perspective other than above the fish. The sunlit water effect will be experimented with.
Top view of the koi pond thus far.
Testing bump maps, textures, and diffuse levels on fish with differing polycounts. 
After refining more details on the fish color maps, the lighting was adjusted to complement the color pallet. 
After being edited in Photoshop from multiple photographs, more realistic and lively lily-pad textures were applied to circular messes. A tiff file with an transparent alpha layer was used to achieve detailed edges without a white border from the image.
A modeled and textured fish render test. The material used was derived from a google image of rust. The stone fish would be used to set a solemn mood.
Adding and customizing an ocean shader. Trying to find the balance between realism and an intentional "fake" aesthetic.
Quick planar mapping of the fish for a more accurate application of texture material. The UV maps for the fish were eventually redone for more effective painting in Photoshop.
Added simple lily pad shapes and additional textures. The idea of using a stone like material for the fish was inspired by contradiction between the free flowing nature of a fish and the static and stoic nature of a stone.
Box modeling the Koi fish while using a reference.
Building Koi Pond Prototype in Autodesk Maya for a sense of composition and scale.
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