Within this project, Tyto Online's User Interface was redesigned and is still in progress. Collaboration with the game design team and CEO of Immersed Games took place in order for UI elements to be created in coherence with the company's design goals. The user interaction assets are compiled in a kit shown below.
In the above mock-up image, I designed the chat log (bottom left), player profile (top left), quest tracker (center), quest tracker confirmation message (center), abilities and scan bar (bottom), quest log (right) the map holder graphic (bottom right), and the diegetic scan tool effects (center back). This is a mock-up of an interface redesign created in Photoshop. It was used as a way to visually communicate ideas to the design team responsible for putting the graphics in the Unreal Engine.
The above image shows the character wordrobe screen mock-up, where a user can change their attire in game and choose their pet. Farther along in the development process, bright glowing and gradient effects were desired by the design team.
The above image shows the argument submission screen mock-up where users are prompted to create a hypothesis. The overall layout was predetermined by the design team and I was responsible for incorporating it's final art direction and creating modular art assets for this screen. Specifically, I was responsible for the colors, textures, font, and effects of the interface.
The above image shows the evidence journal mock-up, where a can see and create different evidences. I used the predetermined layout created a new graphic style. In order to modularize the interface, I re-used many assets from the argument submission screen.
Above: Interface mock-ups implemented by game designers for the early release of the game. Still in progress.
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