Concept Visualization for Pending Projects

Concept Visualization for current and future projects

Reminiscent of and inspired by Bill Viola’s “Stations” (1994), This memento-mori mirror will transform the viewer into a cloud of pixel and dust as they stare into it. The reflection of this piece will also be cascaded onto the floor to immerse the viewer into the experience. Another idea was using the mirror as a touch sensitive instrument. Turning the image of the user into an instrument.

The instillation is inspired from Cai Guo-Qiang’s gunpowder paintings and explosion events. As Cai Guo-Qiang lays down the gunpowder, he is forming a pattern from which the final work of art is created before setting it on fire. The event of the fire exploding creates a sort of performance art within his process. The way that the fire, which is spontaneous in nature, procedurally spreads and creates plumes of smoke from the explosions caused an external source of excitement in the viewer. Whilesparks and flames, by nature, seem to be uncontrollable Cai Guo-Qiang’s  techniques seem to control and direct the fire. All the while, the work is meant for us to see ourselves as a grain of gunpowder, capable of creating beauty or chaos when activated with or without direction.

The blocks presented on the table represent a few of the fireworks that the users will be able to draw around the table. Multi-touch libraries will be used in order to allow multiple people to interact with the table at once.

“Magnoliophyta” is a work of interactive art that transcends the contents of an app into the real world through a physical interface. It is meant to allow any user to simulate the natural process of caring for a realistic flower by completely mechanical and unnatural means in an indoor environment. The flower simulation will be modeled in 3D, animated, and then played within the app . Within the app, the user will plant the seed that starts the growth of the flower, watch it bloom,crossbreed, and wither away at a rate that depends on how often the plant is visited and how often it is watered.  

"Magnoliophyta" Interactive Table Interface Design
Koi / Lily pond early prototype design
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